Thursday, January 17, 2013

North Market #1

Here are a few sketches from Wednesday's class at the North Market in downtown Columbus. My favorite of the day is the sketch of the florist - she looked so happy while making her bouquets. :]


  1. Oh, Chelsea, I love how you were able to capture everyone's individual character! thats something I really need to work on..and it's hard to do considering how fleeting our observation can be in these situations..

  2. Chelsea,
    On the whole, these look great fora first effort at drawing for this class. Your command of the forms while maintaining a sense of caricature is really good to see. Please keep this up. While all of these posses different degrees of gesture, the more dynamic poses really offer better weight shift, direction and intent.
    I like that you included enough of the details to provide context...just make the priority of the drawing the gesture. The more you consciously move in this this direction, that level of detail will enhance the work even more.
    Lastly, the line weight variety is fantastic - keep it up!